Dukapis & Co ensures guidance for the whole period of cooperation with a business, which starts with a first phase of accurate analysis of the actual needs, followed by taking charge of the vacant managerial position or with assistance to current management, with on-going punctual monitoring of the results being reached compared to the mandate, right up to the conclusion of the running of the transformational course.

Dukapis & Co works in a flexible way, with farsightedness, attention to costs, maximum discretion and strong result-orientation. The length of the relationship with the company is mutually agreed upon to ensure both the handling of the critical contingent as well as the efficient transferral along the way, of new know-how to the succeeding managers; with the intention of letting the company exploit new skills, guaranteeing consolidation of the results obtained and of continuity once the mandate has terminated.

Dukapis & Co will also guarantee support during work in progress for any search or selection of further managerial figures in substitution of or to work alongside present managers, adequate to the company needs that arise. The intervention of Dukapis & Co within a company necessitates all the relative proxies to ensure the appropriate powers and has a temporary duration of normally between 6 and 36 months.