Start-Up, new Business Unit launches


The launch of a new entrepreneurial enterprise is an exciting adventure in which Dukapis & Co. typically steps in both in the initial phases of feasibility analyses and implementation of a business plan, as well as subsequently for launching and management of the enterprise and in selection of managerial resources.

In the phase of drawing up of the business plan, Dukapis & Co. can provide professional support to the entrepreneur, helping to find the correct formula of all the basic elements for a new business; from the organizational structure, product/service characteristics, to the necessary financial resources, variable and fixed costs, along with production, organizational, distribution and logistics structures.

In the second phase, Dukapis & Co. works side by side in the actual setup of the new company, fine tuning all the principal phases to guarantee an efficient launch and, once the project start-up has concluded, that it has an efficient and autonomous management, whether it is a new company or a new business unit.